Santa Rosa Island

Santa Rosa Island Undergraduate Research Station

CSUCI’s undergraduate research station on Santa Rosa Island provides a base for incredible learning and research opportunities. Several CSUCI students are conducting independent research projects here and I recently brought my Conservation Biology class to the island for a weekend trip to conduct sandy beach infaunal research and to use the island ecosystems to extend our knowledge of topics relating to the class including ecological restoration, biodiversity, and landscape ecology.

Spring Break 2014

Water Canyon Beach and EstuaryDuring spring break 2014, my colleague Dr. O’Hirok and I visited Santa Rosa Island with seven undergraduate students. We established sandy beach monitoring sites (pictured right), conducted intertidal surveys, investigated several stream channels as future research sites and explored capstone research possibilities with the students. A number of CSUCI capstone students are currently conducting independent research projects on Santa Rosa.

Fall Semester 2014

My Conservation Biology class visited the island for an weekend in October to observe the unique properties of islands and their native species. The island provides unparalled illustrations of many of the topics that students learn about throughout the semester, and their understanding of the material is greatly enhanced by seeing these principles ‘in action’. Discussions and field exercises  align with many of our existing class modules, including the following: Biodiversity; Landscape Ecology; Island Biogeography; Invasive Species; Protected Areas and MPAs; Monitoring and Mitigation; Species and Ecosystem Management.

Conservation Biology F 2014