Santa Barbara Oil Spill

CSUCI studies Beach Impacts from Oil Spill

Following the oil spill at Refugio Beach, Drs. Clare Steele, Sean Anderson and CSUCI students mounted a rapid response to establish baselines at El Capitan, Gaviota and Coal Oil Point beaches before any possible oil impact. The ESRM program’s ongoing sandy beach monitoring will allow us to examine the impact of perturbations like the oil spill and the effects of beach grooming and nourishment.

KEYT News story 5/24/15

Oil droplets at Haskells Beach 5/24/15 IMG_3334
Dr. Clare Steele and CSUCI Students the day after the oil spill at El Capitan Beach 5/20/15 Oil droplets at Haskells Beach 5/24/15 CSUCI students monitor sand crabs at Gaviota beach 5/24/15

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