Film Festival 2018 Fall

Steve Abara
The film I pick “Deep Sea Fish Farming in Geodesic Domes” is about fishing farming and not just your normal fish farm but located in deeper water. The problems with your normal fish farm pens that they are located in your harbors or bays and that the water does not cycled right to remove stuff from the area. Meaning there is a buildup of fecal matter, disease and just stacking too many fish pens together creates more problems. But with fish farming in deep water we can use the water current to cycle the water better and remove fecal matter from the area. These domes have some much potential that they are going to change how we fish farm in the future.

Matthew Arbogast
For your consideration, I present “Thermostat 6”, a French short-film which uses metaphor to subtly, and not-so-subtly provide a commentary on social inaction regarding environmental crises.

Throughout the film, a “typical” family responds to, or ignores, a leaky ceiling during the very immediate gratification of dinner. Each family member represents a sort of caricature-of-temperament and stands as surrogates for their respective generations or ideologies. The Grandfather, possessive and prideful of his home wishes no change to come, even repairs to an aging structure. He is dismissive of signs of a greater problem. The Father is frugal and comfortable and wishes to remain that way. The Mother is possessed with the need to continuously feed the family, past the point of necessity. The daughter wishes to act but is unsuccessful alone, berated by her family. The innocent child represents the future. Finally the entire family realizes the problem is much larger in scope: societal rather than personal.

This film speaks volumes about our society, I believe. It implores us to look into the future, to consider the future benefits of an immediate sacrifice, it decries the dangers of comfort and hubris. If we only act alone, we suffer together.

Angel Garcia
I have always enjoyed short films. They always tell great stories in such little time. To find one relating to the environment was somewhat difficult, especially one that I liked. Also, one that was uplifting. Many of the films I found were very depressing. Many of which made climate change an impossible obstacle. However, The Snow Guardian was the perfect find. I was even more relieved when I realized no one else picked it. Stunning visuals, important data about the environment, also, the peace of nature. I liked The Snow Guardian the most, just because I really wanted a film, that talks about the wonder of living in nature by yourself, alone.

Billy lived in the Snow for over 40 winters. By himself, in a cabin in the woods. He would keep a record of the snow every day for every year. Scientists became to love Billy, as he has done decades of researched for them, and is now currently helping them with their research.

Alicia-Marie Kodis
For my project I chose this video on Dolphin Tale that focuses on the dolphin Winter. I chose this video because I would like to do search and rescue for marine animals in the future, and to me, this is one of the most uplifting stories when it comes to this subject. I found it interesting that they came up with a material that could be used safely, and effectively in the water. I think that innovations like these are essential in furthering our options when it comes to saving animals after they have been affected by something such as the boat that hurt the dolphin in this video.